Density Flow Model (Original)


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Demonstrate important density concepts to an entire classroom. Challenge students to use scientific inquiry techniques to explore geology, meteorology, freshwater and saltwater systems.

Using the illuminated flow of colored fluids, students can visualize abstract concepts related to plate tectonics, sea-floor spreading, air masses, fronts, air pressure, winds, ocean currents, thermoclines, haloclines, upwelling, El Nino and more.

Density Flow Model Demonstration [Shown: Original Model]


Materials List: Acrylic tank with three partitions [44″L x 6″H x 3.75″W], Wooden tank/light supports, Drain hose assemblage, 2 Fluorescent lights, 3 Thermometers, Bottle of bluing, Red food coloring, Container of salt, Colored pencils (24 red/blue), 3 Rubber stoppers (00, 2, 2), Suction cups (6M, 4S), Dry erase marker, Stir stick, Weighted bottle (250 ml), 2 plastic bottles (1000 ml), Ruler, Heat lamp, Battery-powered air pump, 4 “D” Batteries, Set of blocks (Africa & So. America), 75-page Instructors’ Manual


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