Density Flow Model (Junior)


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Engage students with dramatic simulations of the earth’s dynamic natural processes. Accompanying activities encourage students to ask: “What if…?” and watch as a teacher tests their hypotheses.

At half the size and about half the cost of the Original Model, the Junior Model is also illuminated and includes nearly all of the same demonstrations (except sea floor spreading and upwelling).

Density Flow Model Demonstration [Shown: Original Model]

Materials List: Acrylic tank with three partitions [22″L x 6″H x 3.75″W], 2 Wooden tank/light supports, Drain hose assemblage, 1 Fluorescent lights, 3 Thermometers, Assorted food coloring, Container of salt, 3 Rubber stoppers (00, 2, 2), Suction cups (6M, 4S), Dry erase marker, Stir stick, Plastic beaker (50 ml), 64-page Instructors’ Manual


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